The Best Joyas Magazine | Jewellery, Glamour and Luxury

The Best Joyas Magazine is a magazine in Spanish produced in fashion capital Barcelona by Curt Ediciones. Although the use of precious materials may take it out of the budget range of most artisan jewellers and beaders, it’s still a fabulous source of inspiration.

I find these magazines invaluable for dipping into, most especially the Trends “Tendencias” section that shows the latest happenings in the world of high-end and luxury jewellery. They also feature the most amazing watches.

I speak Spanish but to be honest it’s the detailed glossy photos that I’m most interested in, so don’t let the language put you off! I have provided some Spanglish translations of the issue highlights.

I first came across these magazines in 2006 and quickly ordered a subscription. I even blogged about the trends section right here on this site, so some of these magazine may even include a link to the blog entry to let you see a sampling of the issue.
Click the cover to get to the page which gives a few details about the issue and to add it to a cart.
These are heavy, glossy magazine so the postage is quite expensive. I’m going to look for alternative ways to ship these. Of coruse if you happen to be passing by then you can pick them up for free.

Issue 11 Sept 2006

Best Joyas 11 2006 Sept

Issue 12 Nov 2006

besy joyas 12

Issue 13 Jan 2007

issue 13

Issue 14 Mar 2007

best joyas issue 14

Issue 15 May 2007

issue 15

Issue 16 Jul 2007

Issue 17 Sep 2007

Issue 18 Nov 2007

Issue 19 Jan 2008

Issue 20 Mar 2008

Issue 21 May 2008

Issue 22 Jul 2008

Issue 23 Sep 2008

Issue 24 Nov 2008

Issue 25 Jan 2009

Invierno seductor

Issue 26 Mar 2009

El triunfo del amor

Issue 27 May 2009

Jojas en directo: Un paseo por la alfombra roja

Issue 28 Jul 2009

Turquesas, la Piedra Bella

Issue 29 Sep 2009


Issue 30 Nov 2009


Issue 31 Jan 2010

Joyas en Navidad

Issue 32 Mar 2010


Issue 33 May 2010

33 Joyas para la primavera

Issue 34 Jul 2010


Issue 35 Sep 2010


Issue 36 Nov 2010


Issue 37 Jan 2011


Issue 38 Mar 2011

issue 38

Issue 39 May 2011

issue 39