Beading Books and Jewellery Magazines for Sale

jewellery supplies for saleAfter several years of buying jewellery supplies, there comes an inevitable point when you simply have too many!

Some things like books and magazines I have read and made good use of, but now I no longer need. Other items I bought and then wither used one or never used and just stored in a cupboard in my hoe office.
I have an unfortunate tendency to hoard items but I (and my cupboards) have reached critical mass and it’s time to start freeing up some space, and more importantly to you, making some of these fantastic finds available for sale- isn’t the Internet fabulous?

Starting from today I’m going to start listing some of the treasure trove of collected jewellery making and beading supplies that I have amassed over the years.

Each listing will have photos and a weight so that you can get an idea of the cost of shipping. I’m based in the north of Spain and I’ll include the shipping cost table. The magazines I started with (The Best Joyas) are pretty heavy though- they’re the glossy, coffee table variety. I may end up just offering them as a job lot for local collection, but having spent all afternoon configuring the shop, I feel I ought to leave it until next week at least before I change it all again!
I may end up just offering them as a job lot for local collection

Jewellery Supplies and  Jewellery Magazines are the first two pages that I’m working on. Check back later for more!

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